Commercial Renovation with 2C Construction

Family-owned and operated, 2C Construction serves the Granger, Niles, and St. Joseph communities and the surrounding areas. 2C Construction’s many capacities include commercial business renovations and remodeling. Based in Michiana, we know the importance of excellent customer service and our company builds a good reputation by doing the job right and on time. We will act as guides on small and major projects, and your input drives every renovation.

Your Business-to-Business Partners

2C Construction is a successful business with a solid track record and decades of combined experience. Knowing you are working with a successful company means you’re assured they understand the bottom line. The needs of commercial property owners demand attention to detail and proven construction practices. We have the creativity to bring projects to fruition.

Your Business Reboot

Whether you do business in high volumes or have a few select clients, the atmosphere must be attractive and present the image you want. Renovation or new construction with building trade professionals gives you an edge. From remodels of bathrooms to a new front entrance, 2C Construction attends to every detail – a complete service. New and clean contemporary design attracts customers while dingy, worn interiors and exteriors frustrate clients. A business reboot is an investment that pays off.

Budget for Success

Every business works with a budget, and your renovation’s budget is as critical as the design. We at 2C Construction, and our local consultants, accomplish the project within your needs and limits. If you want luxury, we do it; if you want practicality, you got it! We know material and labor costs and will use your budget to guide our recommendations for various products. From planning to budgeting, we are in your corner. We apply for permits, work with local building authorities, draw up plans, and order materials buy you are involved in every step, and we only move forward with your approval.

Before a first visit, we suggest customers make an itemized list of what they want to accomplish. Consider décor, themes, lighting, painting, finishes, structural changes, bathroom fixtures, office kitchen areas, and more. We’ll make a solid plan together. 2C Construction will start work when you’re sure of the renovations, and of course, we expect changes as we give your commercial property a facelift.

Specific tasks often missed in the planning stages:

  • Demolition
  • Drywall and insulation
  • Basement refinishing
  • Exterior renovations
  • Storage areas
  • Flooring and tile work
  • Needed additions
  • Electrical installations
  • New doors and windows

2C Construction’s Team

We are your go-to professionals for commercial renovation. Every commercial renovation has an on-site highly experienced supervisor ready to answer your questions. We are community members who understand that every renovation or remodel, including new construction, benefits local economies. Based in Granger, Niles, and St. Joseph, we also serve Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Feel free to request an estimate by phone or fill out an online contact form to get started on your project.