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Need some assistance around your home? Need to make some repairs or improvements, but don’t know how or don’t have the time? We can help! 2C Construction has years of experience with home repairs, installations, and maintenance services. We are one of the most skilled contractors in Granger, IN, and the surrounding Michiana and are ready to tackle all sorts of jobs, both big and small, that meet our requirements!

We’re all busy, and it’s easy to put off repair work and maintenance. In doing so, you might unknowingly be doing damage to your house and costing yourself extra money in the long run. Let our team handle your to-do list and keep your home operating correctly to avoid issues down the road like water damage, cracking walls, or erosion.

General Contractor Services Offered by 2C Construction

Home repairs from our service professionals are offered year-round.

Door and Window Repair and Replacements

From either time or exposure to the elements, windows can end up cracked, drafty, or become to be challenging to operate. We can repair most window issues or replace windows that are beyond the point of repair. Additionally, we can improve or replace interior and exterior doors.

Tile and Flooring Repair and Replacement

If your ceramic tile or hardwood cracks or becomes otherwise damaged, we can repair or replace it, depending upon the damage’s severity. We can also re-caulk tile to improve material that has worn away with time.

Drywall Work

While drywall damage is usually a visual issue, it’s always best to do drywall repair sooner rather than later to make sure the problem does not worsen. We can also install new drywall as part of a more extensive remodel or addition.

Exterior Work 

From garage doors to roofs to exterior siding to decks, virtually everything on the outside of your house will need repair or replacement at some point. We provide a full range of outdoor repair work, including garage doors, siding, gutters, roofs, and more. We can also install new exterior materials.

Electrical Repair and Replacement 

When an electrical fixture stops working, it’s not only frustrating, but it can also cause major disruption to your daily life. We can get your fixtures functioning properly again quickly and install brand-new ones.

Plumbing Repair and Installations

We offer repair of minor plumbing issues, such as leaks, and can also install or replace your plumbing fixtures, including faucets, showerheads, appliances, and more.

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Our versatile team is equipped to handle large and small home repairs. If you are a homeowner in need of repair in South Bend, IN, or the surrounding area of northern Indiana and southwest Michigan, we encourage you to reach out. You can request a free quote for nonemergency needs by submitting an online form or giving our office a call for more immediate repairs.

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We loved working with 2C Construction on our remodel projects.

We have added a bathroom and remodeled the existing one, got a new energy efficient front door, new outlets and lighting. They were honest, transparent, flexible and professional. I enjoyed working with them and we are looking forward to the next project with them too!

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