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When it comes to high-quality construction with an emphasis on client satisfaction and strong relationships, look no further than 2C Construction. Serving the areas of Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana, 2C Construction is proud to offer both residential and commercial construction services to the community of Bridgman, MI. We are a family-owned and operated company that is ready and willing to take on projects both big and small in the Bridgman, MI, area. We offer the following services:

Residential Construction in Bridgman, MI

2C Construction can tackle any and all of your residential projects in Bridgman, MI. We offer residential construction services, including custom home building, home renovations, home additions, and home repairs. Whether you are finishing your basement, adding a state-of-the-art game room, or simply updating your kitchen, our team is here to help your home renovation dreams come true. We understand the pivotal role a comfortable and safe home plays in raising a family and creating memories that last a lifetime, which is why we are dedicated to providing quality and personal residential construction services.

Commercial Construction in Bridgman, MI

Commercial construction, whether it be building from the ground up or doing renovation work, requires extensive skill and experience. Especially when it comes to dealing with permits, ordinances, and other legalities. 2C Construction offers both construction and clerical services so your commercial construction project is a breeze. Whether you are seeking to update an existing facility or build a brand new, custom gathering space, 2C Construction has the experience and skill necessary to take on your commercial construction project in Bridgman, MI.

Pole Barns in Bridgman, MI

With a growing agricultural landscape in Indiana and Michigan, pole barns are quickly becoming a necessity for farmers and families alike. These structures are great for storing farming equipment, housing horses, setting up home workshops, or establishing large-scale parking structures for your personal collections. In addition to being great storage solutions, pole barns have become a popular choice for extending the living space on properties with custom “barndominiums” by 2C Construction. If you are seeking assistance establishing a pole barn on your property in Bridgman, MI, reach out to 2C Construction.

Custom Cabinets in Bridgman, MI

Sometimes, the best updates to homes don’t require a full-scale construction project. Small, seemingly minor upgrades can pack just as much of a punch and have the potential to add more value to your residence. High-quality custom cabinets are a great way to achieve a personalized, updated look without moving walls, and they promise to add allure and value to your home. 2C Construction has partnered with numerous custom cabinetry companies to bring a quality, unique, and invaluable touch to your kitchen, home office, living space, or storage areas. For custom cabinets in Bridgman, MI, look no further than 2C Construction.

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