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While we can help you with just about any home addition, you may be limited by what can be added to your existing structure based on property lines, budget, local building codes, HOA regulations, and other restrictions. We’ll work with you to help you find the best solution for what you’re looking to accomplish.

Home Addition Services Offered by 2C Construction

House additions can be completed on almost any existing room. New or added space can make room for additional furniture and the room needed for your growing family. Rooms with multiple purposes (like a home office/bedroom) can also increase the resale value of the home. Ideas for your home improvement project could include:

  • Bump-out in the dining room
  • Extra space for the family room
  • Extended laundry room
  • Walk-in closet
  • In-law suite or guest bedroom
  • Home theater

Why Choose 2C for Your Home Additions?

The 2C Construction team will work with you at each step of your home improvement or renovation. When you start a new home project, you can expect the following:

Determine Your Property Lines

Understand where your property lines lay and consider how an addition will fit within those and how they will affect landscaping and utilities. This step is critical since most neighborhood codes have restrictions on how close you can construct to your next-door neighbor.

Establish a Design

Review the floor plan of your home. With the help of a 2C general contractor and an architect, develop a plan for a useful, cost-effective upgrade to your residence. Don’t merely think about how you will reside in your addition, but also consider how it architecturally impacts your home’s appearance from both the interior and exterior.

Understand the Cost

The cost of remodeling projects varies significantly based on the square footage being added to your living space. Property owners always ask what a home addition will cost and how to reduce the price without compromising on anything they can’t live without. The truth of the matter is that unless money is no object, you may wind up cutting out some “wants” to keep all your “needs,” so enter such a project with that in mind.

Smart Planning

Frequently, homeowners over-design their new addition with expensive floor coverings, furnishings, electrical fixtures, etc., only to later realize that the final product doesn’t fit in with the rest of the house, leaving you feeling like you’re living in two different homes. It would be best if you considered this real possibility from the start. Maybe you are looking for a total remodel of your residence, and the addition is part of that. Great! But if you weren’t planning a total renovation of your existing home, you could end up with a love/hate relationship with your home’s new addition.

We always recommend that clients coordinate the floor coverings in the addition with the space introducing it. An exact match to existing flooring, trim, paint, and other finishes will be virtually impossible unless the house is relatively new. As home finishes fade with age, be sure to inspect any samples in the daytime, in the darkness, and in artificial light to make sure you have a match or coordinating solution.

No matter who you work with, your contractor will have to work off architectural plans, so it’s a great idea to connect with an architect ASAP. If you have plans for your contractor to bid from, you’ll obtain a much better sense of the actual cost since they will be bidding from the final plan’s exact details. Don’t neglect to figure the architect’s expense into the job’s total cost, as this step is often a necessary part of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Additions

Where is the best place to add an addition to my home?

The best place and most cost-effective areas to add an addition are in a location that flows with the existing house layout. For example, if you add an addition where there is an existing bathroom now, you may be paying for the addition and remodeling of the bathroom. If all your utilities are coming into the location you’d like to add an addition to, typically this creates a little bit of a hassle and increases in cost. However, if you have a dead-end hallway to bedrooms that could be extended for an addition, that’s a great place to start. Another option if you’re purely looking to add living space is to convert the garage into living space, which can save money and time compared to just adding new construction to part of the house.

How do you plan on making the addition blend in with my existing home?

The hardest parts about blending a new addition into an existing house is the siding, roofing and flow of the addition. If the addition is going in an area where the siding is not an exact match or the roof on the addition is new tying into a 10 year old roof, it’s a dead giveaway that work was done. If the siding is painted, it’s easy to match but if it’s vinyl siding that is no longer made and one of your big concerns is about the addition blending in, we would recommend replacing all the siding on the house so it ties everything together. Taking a similar approach to the roof, if your existing roof has a lot of years on it and you are dead set on it matching, this would be the time to replace the existing shingles to match the roof.

How long will the addition project take?

Depending on the size of the addition, it could take 4 months to complete or it could take 9 months. We’ve done single-story 450 sqft additions in 15 weeks but a third-story addition or an addition with a lot of electrical, plumbing and mechanical involved will extend the timeline.

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