Door and Window Repair and Replacements

At 2C Construction, we specialize in builds from the ground up, but we are also happy to help our customers with “small” repairs. Drafty windows and doors may seem like a small problem but over time, they can worsen, leading to extensive damage that requires a lot more work and a lot more expenses.

Window Services Offered by 2C Construction

Cracks and broken glass are easy to spot but issues like fogging or sweat between glass panes are also reasons to consider window replacement. Repairing window frames can enhance the appearance of your home and prevent the problem from worsening.

  • Glass replacement or installation
  • Frame repair or replacement
  • Weatherproofing
  • Hanging blinds and curtains

Door Services Offered by 2C Construction

Rotting wood and cracked frames can happen over time, especially if you have a drafty door that lets in rain and moisture. Repairs can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill since drafty doors make your heating system work harder.

  • Door replacement or installation
  • Frame repair or replacement
  • Painting or varnishing

Why Do You Need a Professional Contractor?

When you need a door or window repair, quick and efficient services are necessary, especially during the cold winter months. You want to make sure your doors and windows are well-insulated and can open and close easily while having an aesthetically pleasing look. Working with professional contractors like the team at 2C Construction also gives you access to premium options for doors, cabinetry, and windows.

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At 2C Construction, we have all our needs in mind and can give you a repair that serves as a long-term solution. If you are a homeowner in southwest Michigan or northern Indiana in need of a repair, request an estimate today by calling our office or filling out our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Door and Window Repair

How often should windows and doors be replaced?

If you have somewhat newer or double pane windows most likely they have a lifespan of 10-15 years as is typically recommended by the manufacturer. Around the 10-15yr mark, your seals start to weaken due to being exposed to the outside elements. Older single-pane windows are usually a huge culprit for air leaking which in turn can raise the cost of your heating and cooling bill. Regarding exterior doors, it just depends on the location of the door. If a door is located underneath a large, covered porch it most likely will have a longer lifespan since it has more protection from the exterior elements. If it is a metal-wrapped door with a solid core it will last longer than a solid wooden door that may warp over time. A higher quality door that is properly installed and has the correct maintenance can last up to 50yrs.

Is it worth replacing windows and doors?

One of the big ways to cut down the gas or electrical bill on older houses with single-pane windows is to replace them with a double-pane window. Single-pane windows also will have old ugly storm windows attached to them. Prior to double-pane windows, storm windows were the norm. In the long run it is worth replacing windows since it will help cut down on heating and cooling costs plus it will increase the curb appeal and add to the resale value of the home. As long as your exterior door is not allowing sunlight or air around it, you are probably good to leave it. Aesthetic-wise you can always paint your exterior door instead of replacing it if you are only concerned with the look of it.

Is it cheaper to replace all windows at once?

Most likely you’ll get a minor price break to replace multiple windows at once compared to just replacing one window. This is due to the fact that you’re having the project set up and tear-down time spread out across multiple windows instead of just one window.

What time of year is best to replace windows?

We recommend people replace their windows at the end of the summer or early fall. Springs rains are hard to work around and cause a scheduling nightmare. At the end of summer or early fall, you may not be losing a ton of heat out of the window opening compared to doing it during a colder time of year.

What type of windows last the longest?

Vinyl windows have a longer lifespan than the majority of windows. However, we would recommend an aluminum-wrapped wood window. The aluminum windows are more structurally sound and usually of a higher quality than a vinyl window.

What type of doors lasts the longest?

Any metal-wrapped door with a solid wood core has a longer life expectancy than a plain wood door. Once you start adding windows and such you add more liability to the door. If there is a window seal on the door it now becomes your weakest link.

Is it better to replace windows from inside or outside?

Windows that are NOT replacement windows need to be replaced from the exterior of the home. There is a nailing flange on the window that needs to be nailed to the exterior sheathing. This nailing flange is then covered with flashing and your exterior window trim which your siding butts into. Although, if the windows being installed are considered replacement windows, then the installation process is slightly different. Replacement windows are installed inside of the old window frame. Going with replacement windows is typically a more cost-effective route although it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as getting non-replacement windows.

Do you have to take the siding off to replace the windows?

If you’re going to install non-replacement windows 9 times out of 10 there may be a minor amount of siding that has to be removed and replaced after install. If the exterior window trim is larger the siding may not need to come off. Although, replacement windows are mainly installed in the frame of the old window which removes the hassle of messing with the siding.

How long will window repair take?

As long as a window is going into an existing opening one day for completion is reasonable. But if a window is going into a location where there was not one previously it takes a little bit longer.

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