Tile Repair and Replacement

With everyday wear and tear, tile flooring, tile walls, or backsplashes can become chipped, cracked, and broken. When this happens, it not only looks bad, but it can cause an injury. A chipped tile can have a rough edge that can easily cut someone.

But no matter what your issue is, our team at 2C Construction can fix your tiles, redo your floors, and ensure they look brand new again.

Tile Services Offered by 2C Construction

Considering the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most heavily used rooms in the house, ensuring they look beautiful could not be more important. That’s why we offer a variety of services to replace or install tile floors, backsplashes, or showers.

Some of the tile services we offer at 2C Construction includes:

    • Merola Tiles – modern ceramic and porcelain tiles
    • Cracked tile replacement

    • Tile floor installation

    • Caulking

    • Backsplashes

    • Shower tiling

Why Do You Need a Professional Contractor?

While tiles can make your home look beautiful, they need to be placed correctly to ensure stability, avoid chipping, and maintain the intricate patterns they create. One misplaced or broken tile can throw off the entire design of your floors or beautiful backsplash.

You never have to worry about that with 2C Construction. Our diverse team of tile contractors will ensure you have a floor, shower, or backsplash that is both beautiful and functions properly.

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If you’re in need of new tile on your floors, in your bathroom, or in your kitchen, look no further than the expert team at 2C Construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tile Repair and Replacement

How much does it cost to replace tile floor tiles?

It’s hard to put a number on the cost to merely replace tile since there are so many factors that go into it. For example, glass, porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles have different material costs. The tile material alone can range from $1.00-$15.00 or more an sqft across the board. While the installation itself ranges from $10.00-$30.00 a sqft mainly depending on the type of material and the location of it.

Do tile floors increase home value?

Tile on its own may not directly increase the home value but it may help make important rooms in a house pop. Kitchens and bathrooms are the main locations you see tile in a home and these areas are where you are most likely to increase home value overall. Adding the correct color tile backsplash in a kitchen will help the kitchen seem more updated just like having a tiled shower is always going to be a better selling factor than merely a fiberglass insert shower.

How many years does tile flooring last?

As long as the tile is installed correctly and the proper underlayment is installed tile can last for 20-30 years and even longer.

Can you replace tile floor without removing cabinets?

In bathrooms, we prefer to remove the vanity in order to install the tile underneath the vanity. Although, if were doing a kitchen remodel we will just remove the tile up to the cabinets and leave them in place.

Can you cut out one tile and replace it?

One tile can be removed and replaced but, the new grout may not be an exact match to the older grout around the replaced tile.

When should I replace my floor tiles?

The main reason we see that people replace their floor tiles is that they were not installed correctly the first time and are cracking and coming up. Otherwise, the next big reason that floor tile is changed is due to the color being outdated and it no longer fit in with the rest of the interior aesthetic.

Can you tile over tile?


Should you put flooring over tile?

Luxury vinyl tile is the only type of flooring that could go directly over tile.

What color tile never goes out of style?

White and grey tiles usually never go out of style. But they usually become more or less popular over time.

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