Weatherproofing Wonders: Winter-Resistant Construction Materials

When winter brings cold weather, lots of snow, and very strong winds it is important to think about how your building materials may respond to these harsh conditions. Whether you have built a new home, added an addition, or built a business, a lot of work went into creating your new space. Making sure you use winter-strong materials protects your investment for years and years to come.

At 2C Construction, we know how important it is to use the proper materials so our projects can handle any weather that is thrown at them. That’s why we focus on using good quality and strong materials. This also ensures we build structures that keep our customers safe and warm even in the toughest of winters.

Winter-Resistant Construction Materials for Residential Projects

When it comes to custom home building and home additions, we recommend using these weatherproofing wonders:

1. Durable Roofing Materials

In climates that can experience all sorts of weather extremes, the roof can be the most susceptible to damage. In the winter ice chunks and heavy snow fall can collect causing damage. To prevent possible leaks and breaks, we recommend using roofing materials like metal, slate or asphalt shingles for roofs. They stop the rain from coming in while also safeguarding your home’s structure. A durable, weather-proof roof can handle a lot of snow and provide better protection. This also reduces the likelihood of ice dams forming. Additionally, a steeper pitch will reduce snow and ice load on the roof.

2. Good Quality Windows and Doors

Windows and doors could be another possible weak spot in a house when it comes to keeping the winter weather out. Old or poorly installed windows and doors can let in cold air, making it difficult and expensive to keep the warmth inside. Installing double pane windows and doors with tight seals will not only help save energy, but it will save you money too.

3. Insulated Siding

Insulation is not just vital for keeping your house warm, but it also helps maintain a cool atmosphere inside during the summer. Insulation can also provide another barrier of protection from cold, strong winds and rain that may blast against the side of your house. At 2C Construction, we give the option to use strong insulated siding to make sure our customers’ homes are energy efficient and safe all through the winter.

Winter-Proof Building Materials for Businesses

When you discuss construction for your business, we understand how vital it is to use materials that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of business operations. Therefore, we recommend the following materials:

1. Structural Steel

Structural steel is one of the best materials to use when it comes to building the skeleton of your business. It’s hard, lasts a long time, and can withstand extreme amounts of snow and whipping winds. Its fire-proof features also make it a safe option for any time of year.

2. Weather-Treated Lumber

When it comes to the lumber that is used in your building project, we recommend a pre-treated wood that can withstand all sorts of weather. In addition to being stronger against the elements, this type of wood is designed to protect against rotting, mold, and bug damage. This makes it great for businesses in both urban and rural areas. This is especially important anywhere lumber meets a material with a moisture content, like concrete.

3. Enhanced Insulation

Good insulation is very important for business buildings, especially in winter. It keeps the inside of the building cool during the summer and warm during the winter and it guards against frozen pipes or other possible damage. At 2C Construction, we focus on using better insulation for all our commercial projects.

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At 2C Construction, we have been making our mark in residential and commercial construction for many years. We know how winter weather can bring with it possible damage, which is why our team of experts is taught to use the best weather-proof materials available. By practicing careful and quality construction, we ensure that our customers’ homes and businesses stay strong during the winter.

If you want to get started on your own construction project, request an estimate from 2C Construction today by filling out our online contact form. We strive to deliver nothing but the best quality building and results for our customers. Let’s work together to create a project built to last through many winters to come.