Winter Wonderland Inside: Top Five Home Renovations Perfect for Winter

As the snow falls outside your window, a home renovation project might be the last thing on your mind. As it turns out, the winter can be a perfect time to do some home upgrades, whether it’s because the cold winter air has brought your attention to drafty windows or because the long hours indoors are making you hate your old paint. Here are five of the top options for wintertime home renovations.

Flooring Repair and Replacement

If wet shoes and Christmas tree needles have convinced you to get rid of your old carpet, 2C Construction offers lots of options. You can convert to hardwood, laminate, LVT, or even just a more suitable carpet. Whatever your inspiration and design ideas, we can make it a reality and boost your home’s appearance and value. We can also refinish your hardwood to give it an upgrade.

Electrical Updates

Space heaters, slow cookers, and light displays may have asked all you can from your home’s electrical system. Don’t go into spring with breakers tripping or extension cords running all through the house. Let our qualified electricians review your needs and add additional receptacles, a larger panel, or installation of a safe, energy-saving space heater. We can also provide the installation of networked smoke detectors that could save someone’s life.

Door and Window Replacement

No matter how cold it is outside, you should never feel cold drafts around your windows and doors. Outdated items like these can be hard to detect in the summer, but there’s no mistaking the invasion of Jack Frost in the winter. Not only can our team help you track down which doors and windows are in need of replacement, but we can also provide you with quality installation of any number of beautiful designs that will compliment your decor and send your curb appeal to the next level.

Bathroom Remodeling

Before your family swings into spring sports, gardening, and all those outdoor activities that lead to more use of the bathroom, look into an upgrade of your shower, vanities, and commodes. These projects are proven to increase the value of your home. Whether you’re looking for an eventual sale or just hoping to add comfort to your home, 2C Construction can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Drywall Repairs

Did you find a hole in your wall behind the winter coats? Has that endless stream of dirty clothes produced scuffs and scrapes in your laundry room? It’s easy to make some cold-weather repairs to those unsightly drywall problems and get things ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Request an Estimate!

Now that you’ve got a project in mind, keep the momentum going! Winter is the perfect time for remodeling your home. Contact 2C Construction right away to request an estimate today! Give us a call at (269) 222-7907 or use our online contact form.