Construction Services In New Buffalo, MI

At only 30 minutes away from New Buffalo, the residents of the beach town have access to all the services 2C Construction offers. Whether you’re looking for construction on a residential or commercial building, new custom cabinetry, or a pole barn, our team is more than happy to help you with all your construction needs.

Residential Construction

At 2CConstruction, we offer a number of residential construction services including everything from custom home building, home renovation and additions, and home repairs.

Custom Home Building

If you’re looking for a home that fits your exact needs and lifestyle, having your home custom-built is the perfect solution. By designing your own “showstopper” with the help of 2C Construction, you can create the home of your dreams that fits all your family’s wants and needs

Home Renovation

Looking to make the home you already own into the home of your dreams? Renovating it can ensure you get the amenities, storage, and rooms you’re looking for.

Whether it’s one room or your whole home, 2C Construction specializes in home renovation and can help you ensure your home is to your specifications.

Home Addition

Adding an addition to your home is often the best way to improve your house. It can make sure you have enough space for a new addition to the family or for someone new moving into the house. Or perhaps you’re just looking for more space in your home?

Whatever the reason, our experienced team at 2C Construction can help you put a new addition on your home with as little stress as possible.

Home Repairs

At 2C Construction, we partner with a team of certified electricians, plumbers, tilers, and more. If there is something you’re looking to repair or an item on your to-do list that just never gets done, we can take care of it for you. Our team can work on:

Commercial Building

We also work on commercial buildings at 2C Construction. Whether you’re looking to build an event center, a restaurant, a factory, a store, or an industrial building, we can help you build the perfect space for your business.

We have a high-quality team of contractors and subcontractors that can meet the hard deadlines that come with commercial projects.

Or perhaps you’re looking to remodel your building because you need more space or are repurposing it for another use. Our team can help you renovate and remodel your space to meet your new needs.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are often used as storage for recreational vehicles and agricultural equipment or are used as a workshop. If you need space on your property, our team at 2C Construction can help you build a quality pole barn that fits whatever your unique circumstances are.

We can provide:

  • Steel or vinyl siding
  • Roofing
  • Garage doors
  • Insulation and heating
  • Electrical work
  • Interior walls for animal housing or storage


Whether you have a new home or business, custom cabinetry can be a great addition to any space. It allows you to get the amount of storage you need and ensures you have the exact type of cabinets you’re looking for.

Pre-made cabinetry may not provide what you’re looking for. We can build cabinets that fit your specifications.

We partner with five different companies including: 

About New Buffalo, MI

New Buffalo, MI is a beach town in Berrien County with a population of almost 1,700. It’s known as the Gateway of Michigan because of its location near the southern border. It’s also considered the beginning of southwest Michigan’s wine country. At only 70 miles from Chicago, the city blends rural and urban sensibilities. It’s also home to Four Winds Casino, the New Buffalo wine trail, and unique antique and vintage shopping.

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We loved working with 2C Construction on our remodel projects.

We have added a bathroom and remodeled the existing one, got a new energy efficient front door, new outlets and lighting. They were honest, transparent, flexible and professional. I enjoyed working with them and we are looking forward to the next project with them too!

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