Welcome to 2C Construction

There are plenty of options to end up with an impressive, comfortable, and useful home or commercial space if you involve professionals. Welcome to 2C Construction, the home of architects and designers that help you achieve your dream residential or commercial building. 2C offers the following services to meet your expectations.


Architects and design professionals with extensive experience help create your dream residential or commercial building. They design the building and every aspect of the project from conception to completion for every stage to progress in an organized manner.

2C Construction coordinates the entire team to ensure efficiency and adherence to schedule. 2C also coordinates with the local authorities to ensure that your building site meets all their requirements and ordinances.

Your dream becomes a reality through assistance in designing and building a custom home. Architects design a floor plan with your favorite features while adhering to your needs and budget. The team also designs and oversees the construction of commercial buildings with excellent space to serve clients.

Remodeling and Renovation

Skilled remodeling professionals in all home improvement categories help you from start to completion of home improvement. They work with you through your remodeling project until you are proud of the new look. 2C Construction handles all aspects of remodeling, from paintwork to renovating the entire house. They have specialists in the following aspects of remodeling:

• Painting

Flooring replacement

• Basement finishing

Tile work

• Built-ins and storage

Door and window replacement

Additions and framing

• Demolitions

The specialists assist with planning, determining a budget, timing projects, and harmonizing needs with remodeling. You also get assistance selecting materials, finishes, and fixtures for the best results. Architects and designers share ideas to create something new.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling makes the space more welcoming, serves different purposes, and increases home value.

Additionally, 2C Construction remodels commercial spaces such as restaurants, industrial facilities, and event venues. Commercial remodeling makes the space more inviting and functional to clients.


Do you feel your home no longer meets your lifestyle changes? There is no need to move houses when 2C Construction has the expertise to solve the challenge by adding to your structure. Addition experts collaborate with you to determine the best solutions within an addition. The additions are customized to fit your budget, local code, Homeowners Association regulations, and all restrictions.

2C Construction plans additions in consideration of your property lines so that it fits within the lines. 2C and architects design an addition that meets your new needs and architecturally enhances home appearance at an affordable cost.


2C Construction is a licensed and insured provider of excavation service on sites that requires the creation of room for structures, electrical circuitry, underground utilities, and other critical systems. A fleet of excavation equipment helps to execute an excavation project without delays and extra costs caused by equipment rentals.

Excavation experts perform the job skillfully to achieve the appropriate solid depth and level of the surface without risk to people or structural walls. 2C Construction has an experienced team operating equipment for preparing single-home sites and large-scale excavation projects. The team handles all excavation processes for site preparation, land clearing, and septic tank installation.

Home Repairs

Does your home require repairs, but you lack time, the right tools, or knowledge for the patch-up? Professionals can save your home from further dilapidation by performing exemplary repairs. 2C Construction is an experienced general contractor for home repairs. 2C has performed successful home repairs and maintenance for many years. The team can work on home repairs within your budget and timeline.

You can request any home service to repair or replace any part of your home, including the following.

• Doors and windows

• Tile and flooring

• Drywall

Electrical parts



All the repair tasks are completed to the highest standards within a reasonable time.

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Learn more about design, excavation, building, additions, remodeling, and repairs by scheduling an appointment with 2C Construction. They explain and discuss the options that suit your project goals. Call or submit an online form to discuss your project and options and get a free quote.